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California Capital Airshow Friday Practice 2016

This years California Capital Airshow took place on the weekend of October 1-2, 2016. I had the unique opportunity to take part in the official Photo Tour, of Friday and Saturday. This album shows some of the unique images I was able to take on Friday. The day starts off before sunrise at about 6am. The photographers all meet in one of the buildings on the airport for a safety briefing and then are allowed to roam the hot pits and the static aircraft displays until mid-morning. The time before dawn and just after sunrise affords some unique lighting opportunities and the other big advantage is that the airport doesn't have any of the general public wandering around yet. At around 11am we were bused out to the approach end of the runway to observe aircraft arriving for the show and general traffic. Eventually we moved to the helipad on the south east end of the airport to observe the rest of the practice air show. This allowed us to photography the performers with the sun at our backs for most of the day. All in all a wonderful event run by a very professional team. I highly recommend attending the tour if you are able!